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United Colors Of Words Vol. 1 by Gulbahar Kultur
Catalogue #: cls0002702
Date: 09-25-2012
Genre: Dance (World Music)
Label: Lola's World
2 CD

€ 20.40
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    CD: 1  
  1 Volkan Gücer feat. Gülbahar Kültür – Bi Kerecik  
  2 Olivinn feat. DJ İpek İpekçioğlu – Ayrılırken  
  3 Kerem Ülken feat. Hasan Tomuk – Arda Kalan  
  4 Murat Eryalçın – Nefesim ol  
  5 Volkan Gücer feat. Ebru Özpirinç – Beceriksizlerin Birliği  
  6 Tansiyon Sequenz feat. Gülbahar Kültür – Elde var O (Alexander Chaselon)  
  7 Cem Yıldız – Terazi Var Tartı Var  
  8 Gültekin Kaan – Doğal Afet  
  9 Peter Dahm feat. Gülbahar Kültür – Meine Sanfte Katastrophe (Sakin Felaketim)  
  10 Fulya Özlem – Günün Günlüğü  
  11 Clelia Felix feat. Gülbahar Kültür – İyi ki Varsın  
  1 Deniz Güngör feat. Gülbahar Kültür – Don’t forget 02.07.1993  
    CD: 2  
  1 Thore Eckert feat. Gülbahar Kültür – Die Nachtgängerin  
  2 Lea Finn – Wider Die Unliebe  
  3 Alejandro Fernandez Lecce feat. Fernando Contreras & Vanesa Mirto – Suficiente Es Suficiente  
  4 Ezgi Özkan feat. Ayşe Düzkan – Karakutu (Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu’ndan esinlenerek)  
  5 Amir Baghiri feat. Reza Vafa – Die Hoffnung  
  6 Amir Arab feat. Marius Zekri – Privat  
  7 Intended Immigration feat. Christian Knebel – Geköpfte Utopien  
  8 Alejandro Fernandez Lecce feat. Vanesa Mirto – Tricolor  
  9 Lea Finn – Wider Die Unliebe (Remix by Mr. Hotcut)  
  10 Linha Boys & Gülbahar Kültür feat. Caroline Quesada – Perdida  
  11 DJ Kaan Gökman feat. Gülbahar Kültür – Ahdeniz  
  12 Alex Jung feat. Hanna Kokaly – La Uhibu Hatha / I don’t like that  
  Gülbahar Kültür - the name of the German-Turkish music journalist stands for high-quality music samplers, successfully published worldwide since more than 10 years by the German-Italian label "Lola's World Records".

Up to now Gülbahar Kültür has compiled for this label more than 50 double albums. Her speciality is the oriental music, from Iran through Turkey to Morocco, and the quality of these publications gave her an international reputation as an expert for oriental music. In addition, she created different series of samplers, demonstrating the range of her music journalism, e.g. "Latin Garden", "Gypsy Garden", "Swing Style", "Made in Russia", "Babylon Bar" etc. A lot of productions with the label "Lola's World Records", she worked out as project manager for other artists.

Gülbahar Kültür is music editor at Radio Bremen. In May 1999, the West German Radio WDR has founded, together with Radio Bremen, the independent wave "Funkhaus Europa", the world's only public radio program exclusively presenting "Global Beats" as music format for 24 hours. Gülbahar Kültür is a staff member of the first hour, initially as a presenter, then editor and program creator. The number of published compilations has an attractive side effect for Gülbahar Kültür. She is in high demand as a DJ and consequently a lot abroad.

But music is only one side of her qualification. At least as important are literature and poetry to the studied germanist and cultural scientist. Already as a child she wrote poems, later prose, fairy tales, short stories and novels, both in German and Turkish. Up to now she published six books and had a lot of publications in anthologies and literary journals and in her drawers other works, already completed, are waiting for publication.

With that said, it was only a matter of time, when music and poetry would meet. End of 2008, a vision began slowly to take shape. Gülbahar Kültür had recorded a selection of her poems in the studio for a company publishing audio books. The demos for this (yet unpublished) audiobook she sent, together with other poems, to friendly artist - and all over the world she found musicians, who were inspired by her lyrical texts.

A creative production phase began, different interpretations were tried out without any pressure of time. The results of this intensive cooperation were as contradictory as the musicians, who had got involved in Gülbahar Kültürs "Lyrics". A first selection of these fruitful cooperations can now be heard on the album "United Colors Of Words, Vol 01".

The music ranges from Electro-Tango, Balkan Beats, Klezmer, Downbeat, Minimal-Dub, Anatolian Rock, Latin House to classical art music from Turkey. The musicality of the language of the German-Turkish author has inspired some artists to place special emphasis on the text as an independent element and merely to accentuate musically. Other artists created very own musical works, and several musicians have translated the texts in their own language to get a better access to artistic interpretation, and republished with native speakers. In this way songs were created, in which sound and poetry perfectly complement each other. They animate to dream, to sing along and not least even to dance.
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