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The Balkan Club Night 3
Catalogue #: cls0003042
Date: 11-12-2013
Genre: Dance (World Music)
Label: Lola's World
2 CD

€ 20.40
    CD: 1  
  1 DJ Lucerox & Santiago Moreno - Balkanish (Original Mix  
  2 Balkan Mashina feat. Balkan Han - Adelante Senor  
  3 Tamazzo - Balkan Miracle  
  4 Brutal Kids - Balkan Party  
  5 Hy2rogen, Fr3cky, Christian Green - Kosovo (Original Mix)  
  6 Shazalakazoo & Chernobyl feat. Suppa Fla - Zica Memo (Gregor Salto Remix)  
  7 Jason Rivas - Buena Gente (Original Club Mix)  
  8 DJ Emil - Balkan Beat (Zmey Acid School Remix)  
  9 Gypsy Kling & Deep Blast - Balkan Salsa (Carlos Mendes Remix)  
  10 Ifan Kovny - Yelitsa (Original Mix)  
  11 Relife - Balkanic (Original Mix)  
  12 Malente & Dex - Gipsy Kings feat. Analogik  
  13 Federico Locchi & UGLH - Dub Trumpet (Nima Gorji Remix)  
  14 Lukas Greenberg - Balkan Voices feat. Valya Balkanska  
    CD: 2  
  1 Vlada Asanin - Balkan Boy (DJ Ortzy Remix)  
  2 TH Moy - Balkan Women (Original Mix)  
  3 Vollmer & Brendel - Balkan (Original Mix)  
  4 Alp vs Outwork - Fiesta Elektronika/Electro Fiesta (Original Mix)  
  5 Simon Fava & Tom Wax feat. Balkan Beat Box - Adir Adirim (Simon Fava Mix)  
  6 Kocani Funkolektiv - Dirty & Ugly (BalkanVision & Mashina RMX)  
  7 DJ Xilique - Every Step (Balkan Mix)  
  8 Dirty Culture & One Two - Bal.kan (Original Mix)  
  9 Ticon - Balkan Tourist (Paul Thomas & Myke Smith Remix)  
  10 Stanny Abram - Gipsy Caravan  
  11 Joe De Simone - Balkan Brass (Original Mix)  
  12 Stefano Mango & Simon Adams - Balkan Beach (Original Mix)  
  13 DJ Coco Beat - Felix (Original  
  14 Axel Krygier - La Fiera (DJ Shotnez of Balkan Beat Box Remix)  
  A few years ago a DJ could easily present all three different forms of Balkan music and even the audience of the so-called Balkan parties enjoyed and celebrated the diversity of sounds.
You could put on Balkan Brass Classic from former Yugoslavia along with modern Balkan beats in the style of Shantel and afterwards also some harder Balkan-Tech version.

Balkan-Tech has diverged by now to a completely own style.
Though the melodic roots of the Serbian brass music, dominated by gypsies, are indeed unmistakable, the massive use of stylistic devices of Progressive House, Dubstep, Minimal Techno has led to the fact, that Balkan-Tech is now completely attributed to the club scene.
This image change entails, that the traditionally oriented fans of Balkan Brass and Balkan Beats react increasingly irritated by Balkan-Tech.

Conversely, this development has led to the fact, that events on the subject Balkan-Tech present more frequently allied sounds like Tropical Bass, Digital Cumbia or Global Bass. Following this trend, the third edition of the compilation series "The Balkan Club Night" has its focus exclusively on the relatively new style Balkan-Tech.

Balkan-Tech is currently played with a speed of 126-128 bpm and has many dramatic elements from the slightly older style Latin House. There are also some producers on the double sampler, serving both styles, such as Jason Rivas or Frederico Locchi.
Most of the musicians on this sampler, however, derive from the Balkans and produce their furious club sound in often absurdly tiny backyard studios.
Nevertheless, they have found a way to digital platforms and are now presented for the first time worldwide to a larger audience with this compilation "The Balkan Club Night Vol 03". Almost all currently relevant tracks of this music style are listed here.

The double-CD box contains intensively processed mixtures of the individual tracks, which have been brought together to a very harmonious DJ mix.
The digital version of the sampler, however, is completely unaffected and the individual tracks are ready for downloads in original length.
The compilation "The Balkan Club Night Vol 03" (like its predecessors) has been compiled by the Bremen music journalist DJ Ralph "von" Richthoven, who also works as music editor for the radio station "Funkhaus Europa".
Anyone planning an event on Balkan-Tech, requires this double sampler.
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