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Catalogue #: LVRG2626
Date: 06-16-2015
Genre: Rock (Rock)
Label: Ma.Ra.Cash Records
2 CD

€ 17.50
    CD: 1 Palepolitana  
  1 Marmi  
  2 Fenesta Vascia  
  3 Michelemma'  
  4 Santa Lucia  
  5 Anto Train  
  6 Anni di Piombo  
  7 Palepolitana  
  8 Made in Japan  
  9 Canzone Amara  
  10 Letizia  
  11 Ciao Napoli  
  12 Profugo  
    CD: 2 Palepoli  
  1 Oro Caldo  
  2 Stanza Citta'  
  3 Animale senza Respiro  
  Two years later he released "Palepolitana", the new double CD and vinyl LP Osanna, whose construction had been planned for the fortieth anniversary of "Partenope" in 1973 - 2013. A delay, however, due to the unexpected publication of two other products record Hosanna of the same between 2012 and 2414, or the CD and LP "Red Rock" (registered as authentic "live" in Japan in 2011), and the subsequent double-DVD "Time", which further "gem" (made for all enthusiasts and fans of the prog and Osanna), crowning and sublimation of a musical career that combines well, even today, the past, the present and the future of the group of "progressive rock" for excellence labeled "Made in Naples". History repeats itself. Already in 1972 "Partenope" (which was to be the second album Osanna after the publication of 'LP "The Man"), was put aside, to immerse yourself and honor the sudden and urgent proposal coming from our record company Fonit Cetra to collaborate with Luis Enriquez Bacalov and Sergio Bardotti, the soundtrack of the film by Fernando Di Leo "Milan Calibre 9". The idea and the pleasure of playing with a symphony orchestra was accepted unanimously and leaving momentarily stand by the work of "Partenope", we plunged into this new and exciting adventure from which he emerged in 1972, the fantastic album "Prelude, Theme, Variations and Canzona". So it happened in 2012; while working on the new edition of "Partenope", performed with an innovative spirit in the new formation, he came the unexpected proposal by the Japanese promoters, to do a concert in Tokyo, part of "Italian Progressive Rock Festival", performing for the first time in the history of the Hosanna and with a symphony orchestra nippone (the "Tokyo Vielle Ensemble"), the entire album tied to the film "Milano Calibre 9"; once again it gave priority to the new venture, by sliding a few years the project "Palepolitana". However this delay was providential because they gained new ideas and there was more time to process and produce much more material than expected and that, after a careful and thorough selection of songs and musical ideas, gave way to focus and in shows what it really represents the group in 2015 at a distance of no less than 44 years from the beginning. It 'was created a double CD due out in May / June 2015, which includes all new songs in the first of two CDs and in the second a new interpretation and reinterpretation, very faithful to the original score, the three pieces that make up the album history "Partenope", considered by critics and fans of progressive rock worldwide, a milestone for both the Italian and international discography for the same group Hosanna. "Palepolitana" began as a tribute to Neapolitan, as the exaltation of the "excellence" artistic, cultural, historical, musical and landscape of Naples; It is a true declaration of love for their city exorcising all those clichés that see it described as a place of degradation, violence, crime, lawlessness and the Camorra. Naples certainly live its contradictions and its difficulties atavistic and there really is a degradation and rampant lawlessness due to the difficult survival of a people that has been oppressed by many dominations and slavery, but not unlike all the realities of the countries, the towns and cities of the world. Well just by Hosanna, tired of passively to the spread of insults and slanders directed to their city by so much superficiality immoral and media, it raised a loud cry of love in defense of their land, their roots and their centuries-old traditions, highlighting all the positives of a city proud of its past, its present and its future. A city that "is to die" and that without fear of contradiction, has always been the true capital of the Mediterranean. From these issues comes the pretext and the poetic context that sap from the new album of the group, to highlight the many excellences that has borne and continues to bear the city. The name "Palepolitana" was created by 'acronym and the merger of the terms Palepoli (such as the historic city of Naples after the primitive related to the Siren Parthenope) and Metro (underground train or public transport Naples famous throughout the world for its extraordinary "stations of contemporary art"). It is a "concept album" as The Man and Palepoli, which tells a hypothetical surreal story of a character somewhere between a man and an android, that by the waves on the rocks of Megaride in the Gulf of Naples, wet from a sudden rain storm, it takes refuge in the underground and falls quickly to the ground for reaching a destination unknown to him instinctively and unknown attracted by the darkness of a tunnel. As a reference to the descent of Aeneas in the Underworld Lake Averno described by Virgil, in this way it leaves the strange apparitions of souls, ghosts and "munacielli", moods, virtual reality and dream figures that belong deeply to the history of the city and manifest and reveal themselves through the sweat of the walls of the bowels of this land full of deep feelings and sacred ancestral. The train runs, runs, runs into the darkness and brings us to know the true soul of Naples.
Verso l’assoluto nulla
Dove Sei Pt. 1
The Wall
Homo Distopiens
Blue Sun
Padre Abarth
The Legacy Of Blood
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