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Suspiria (Music For The Luca Guadagnino Film)
Tenebra è la notte e altri racconti di buio e crepuscoli
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BC20 Director’s Cut
Catalogue #: IRM 1663
Date: 06-01-2018
Genre: Pop (Hip-Hop/Rap)
Label: Irma Records
1 CD

€ 10.90
  1 Esco Dal Buio  
  2 Quello Che Mo Vedi (feat. Dope One, Kiave, Ida Rendano)  
  3 Title Track (BC20) (feat. E Green, Ntò, Francesco di Bella)  
  4 Siamo a Casa (feat. Paura, Danno)  
  5 Ne Ho Per T(r )e The Return Of Mehe  
  6 Vuoi Del Gusto? (feat. Oyoshe, Ensi)  
  7 Stay Come Il Merlo 2030 ( feat. Clementino, Rocco Hunt, Valerio Jovine, Papa J)  
  8 La Vibrazione (DaMattinaasera) (feat. Ghemon, Mama Marjas)  
  9 A San Gaetano (feat. Francesco Villani & Pepp Oh)  
  10 Seguimi (l'ultima parola) (feat. Pepp Oh)  
  11 Niente è X Sempre (Tcc Prelude) (feat. Tormento, Ciro Riccardi  
  12 Tre Sedici e Mezzo (feat. DJ 2 Phast)  
  13 Cmq Sta Nu Fatt Asott (feat. Dario Sansone, Daniele Sepe)  
  14 Fratello Slancio (feat. Simona Boo, DJ Uncino)  
  15 Da Mo In Poi  
  Born in the second half of the '70s in the heart of the historic center of Naples, Speaker Cenzou (Vincenzo Artigiano in the registry office), absorbs and metabolizes the sounds of his city from a very young age, merging the legacy of Pino Daniele's Neapolitan Power, Enzo Avitabile, Napoli Centrale and the rest of that glorious scene, with the teachings coming from the Bronx of the "Edutainment" (education more entertainment) of Krs One. He made his debut in the very early formation of La Famiglia and participated, at only 14 years, at the first big success of the 99 posse "Curre Curre Guagliò" giving way to a long series of collaborations with the band. Among the most charismatic MC of Italy, he began to get noticed for the energy he transmits during his live shows. In 1996 his debut album "Il Bambino Cattivo", which gathers strong sales, public and critical acclaim - comes to be called to participate in the Neffa album "I Messaggeri della Dopa" as the only Neapolitan representative. In 1999 he published "Malastrada" starting again for another very lucky Italian tour that will see him perform in the most important contexts, repeating the results of the previous album and consecrating Speaker Cenzou as one of the most representative figures of the Italian Hip Hop Olympus. After a brief pause for reflection he returns with the track "The First Rule" included in "Napolizm" - first volume of the Neapolitan rap collection published in the United States and by light together with Ekspo, Zin, 2phast and or Kiatt a Sangue Monster - project born from the jam sessions that took place in the early 90s in the streets of the old city center of Naples, later transformed into the more structured freestyle battle Skillz Detector. With the first formation of the Blood Monster published in 2008 the album "L'Urdimu Tip" while in 2012 he published the first official mixtape "Sodo Tape Vol. 1" giving space and visibility to emerging Neapolitan rappers. The same year he returns to the stage with the 99 Posse for the "Cattivi Guagliuni Tour 2012" taking part in all the dates of the tour. In 2013, after a change of training, the Blood Monster spent a period in recording studio working on the new album "Cuo-Rap", released in 2014. In 2014 and 2015 he continues the live activity with the Blood Monster and the 99 Posse and a end 2015 Cenzou announces that he is working on several productions: the anniversary album of the twentieth anniversary of his first album "Il Bambino Cattivo", the second album by Pepp Oh - new entry of the Sodo Studio stable - and a disc of unpublished works. Surprising in the spring of 2016 he published a single \ video "New Slanc" in whose video participates his mentor Enzo Avitabile. Between 2014 and 2016 he continues to produce and participate in songs by friends and colleagues of the old and new school: Clementino, Francesco Paura, Esa, Rocco Hunt, Gold School, the former Co Sang - Nò, the multi-instrumentalist Daniele Sepe, Jovine and finally participating in the Terroni Uniti project, joining most of the Neapolitan music scene. In December 2017 he published "Ammostro" his autobiographical book that prepares the ground for the release of "BC20 Director's Cut" the "bridge" album - as Cenzou himself defines it - between all that has been and all that will come.
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Tenebra è la notte e altri racconti di buio e crepuscoli
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